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RHA fillers Irvine
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Do you love the results of dermal fillers, but are ready to try something different? Whether this is your first time seeking wrinkle treatments or you’ve used dermal fillers for years, there is a new wrinkle product on the market you may be excited to learn about.

RHA fillers are the newest FDA-approved wrinkle injectable on the market.

After making headlines abroad for its enhanced strength and elasticity compared to other dermal fillers and enviable, natural-looking results, RHA is now available at exclusive aesthetic doctors in the United States. As a board-certified Orange County plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Smith, MD FACS is proud to be among the first Irvine RHA fillers filler providers.

What are RHA Fillers?

RHA stands for Resilient Hyaluronic Acid. It is different from other facial fillers due to a unique gel composition that boasts improved flexibility and strength compared to the traditional hyaluronic acid fillers.

While these tried-and-true dermal fillers are still beauty staples in medical spas and cosmetic surgery practices around the world, the unique elasticity, smoothness, and natural feel of the RHA formula make it particularly well suited to areas of the face that are highly expressive, such as smile lines around the mouth.

The secret lies in the innovative manufacturing process. The way that hyaluronic acid is cross-linked during manufacturing yields the final texture, strength, and flexibility of the HA gel that is injected into a patient’s skin. Different facial fillers use distinct cross-linking methods, so each product has a unique consistency. Particle size also determines how each product performs in the skin.

RHA is highly flexible, yet strong, so it plumps wrinkles nicely, but still allows the skin to move seamlessly when making facial expressions. It is very elastic as well. This gives it a unique ability to spring back to its original shape after making facial movements — just like young, supple skin should.

RHA fillers Irvine

Youthful Skin is Waiting

Like most dermal wrinkle fillers on the market today, the RHA fillers results are instant. It works by plumping the wrinkled skin with a gentle-yet-flexible hyaluronic acid gel that is remarkably similar in feel to the natural hyaluronic acid that’s found in firm, healthy skin. Adding volume to deep wrinkles with hyaluronic acid fillers such as RHA helps raise the wrinkle so it becomes level with the skin near it.

With immediate results upon injection, RHA helps turn back time on aging skin. This makes the skin appear more full and supple, just as it did in your youth. While RHA makes the treated wrinkles appear more firm and plump, it is incredibly resilient and flexible. Therefore, you’ll be capable of making facial expressions that look completely natural and never overdone.

RHA brings out your skin’s true beauty. While being treated with RHA fillers Irvine patients will earn compliments from friends and family, and the best part is, no one will know you had anything done.

Injectable RHA for Wrinkles

RHA injections are excellent for moderate-to-severe wrinkles in expressive areas of the face, such as:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Nasolabial folds (“laugh lines”)
  • Frown lines (“eyebrow furrows” or “11 lines”)
  • Marionette Lines (“puppet lines”)

Made by Switzerland’s Teoxane SA in partnership with Revance Therapeutics — a leading provider of aesthetic medical solutions — RHA is created by a specific way of cross-linking the hyaluronic acid with BDDE so it turns into a gel that performs very similar to the native hyaluronic acid that’s already in your skin.

RHA fillers irvine

Clinical Trials & Results

The first question you might have is, ‘How long does RHA last?’ The answer is that RHA lasts up 15 months before needing a touch-up.

If you are seeking long-lasting correction of expression lines, this is one of the best wrinkle products for the task. With RHA, patients can enjoy more than a year of wrinkle-free skin. Clinical trials show that 93% of U.S. study subjects were still thrilled with the results at the 6-month mark.

Who Performs RHA Filler Injections?

Dr. Andrew Smith, MD FACS is a board-certified Irvine plastic surgeon that has been featured in New Beauty Magazine and Los Angeles Magazine as one of the best plastic surgeons in Orange County.

After studying plastic and reconstructive surgery at UCLA, he became one of the most prominent plastic surgeons in the country, and has even trained surgeons on the hit TV show on ABC, ‘Extreme Makeover’. Cosmetic injectables such as RHA filler are a key part of his patients’ anti-aging arsenal. With skill in administering dermal fillers correctly and safely, it is his pleasure to help both men and women appear to age in reverse.

Dr. Smith has hand selected his team of expert injectors, Lori Waldmann, RN. BSN. & Shannon Vecchione, RN. for their skill and superb patient care. In addition to RHA, we have a complete range of top-of-the-line, FDA approved fillers from the biggest names in beauty. Both surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic services are available for your every anti-aging need.

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