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Dr. Andrew Smith is committed to helping you achieve the body contours you’ve desired, and will partner with you to create a plan that is unique to your specific goals. Through body contouring surgery at his Orange County practice he can improve the shape and appearance of the body through various procedures such as tummy tuck or liposuction. Women who have had children and would like to improve overall body contours may benefit from a Mommy Makeover – a combination of specific procedures that have been tailored to their desires. Other patients may have experienced dramatic weight loss either through diet and exercise or through gastric bypass surgery. The skin often does not contract in these cases, and procedures such as tummy tucks, lower body lifts, or thigh and arm lifts may be needed.

Please read more about the body contouring procedures Andrew Smith, MD, FACS offers. Then, if you feel you’d like to take the next step and meet Dr. Smith, our board-certified plastic surgeon, please request a FREE surgical consultation. Dr. Smith will meet with you at one of our cosmetic plastic surgery offices in Orange County and discuss your expectations and personal goals. If you are not ready for a consultation but would like more information about a tummy tuck or liposuction, please send us an email.

Body contouring procedures can be combined with other surgical procedures such as breast surgery to provide optimal results. During your consultation, Dr. Smith will assess you and determine if other surgical procedures can enhance your appearance.

Discover how
Dr. Smith can help you After Weight Loss

Discover how Dr. Smith can help you after weight loss surgery

Vectra® 3-D Imaging

Trying to visualize how you'll look after plastic surgery can be challenging. You can check out a surgeon's before-and-after photos, talk with friends who've had similar procedures, and even leaf through magazines filled with pictures of surgically enhanced stars. But when it comes to getting the reassurance you need about a potentially life-changing decision, there's no better option than VECTRA 3-D cosmetic plastic surgery imaging in Orange County.

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