Below are testimonials from patients of Orange County plastic surgeon Andrew Smith, MD. Please feel free to read through and see what people have to say about their experiences with his practice and how plastic surgery has changed their lives. If you’re interested in checking out what others have said about Dr. Smith online, read his online reviews here.

Healing and recovery was totally successful!

I’m now a very healthy 69 year old male managing my health and weight with a trim flat abdominal area. Dr. Andrew Smith and his team did an outstanding job preparing me for the surgery and making sure my recovery was free of pain. Healing and recovery was totally successful!


Dr. Smith did an awesome job

Dr. Smith did an awesome job to repair a hernia in my abdominal area and a second procedure to remove excess skin from my recent successful 90-pound weight loss.


I am totally recovered

I recently had a duel surgical outpatient procedure performed by Dr. A. Smith. I am totally recovered from the surgery now two months after the surgery.


A wonderful recovery and fantastic results!

I am so pleased with the results and am thankful Dr. Smith was totally involved with all the details that resulted in a wonderful recovery and fantastic results!


I can not recommend this doctor enough!

I can not recommend this doctor enough! Not only do I look better than I did 20 years ago, I feel better!! I actually want to look in a mirror again. He is an amazing doctor with an equally wonderful staff. I should have done this years ago.


It’s been such a pleasure to work with them

Doctor Smith and his staff are the perfect solution and blessings to all those looking for care and amazing treatment from people who actually care. It’s been such a pleasure to work with them. Words cannot say enough about this beautiful man and everyone here. I highly recommend them and thank God my wife and I came here.


I just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful efforts

I know we thanked you in person but I just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful efforts and willingness to work with the Orange County Breast Outreach Program to get the surgery taken care of. I know she is very grateful and happy! Thank you so much for doing this surgery.

Warm Regards


I would highly recommend Dr. Smith because he is interested in you as a patient

I first heard/met Dr. Smith through a very good friend in California. As I approached the age of 60 I knew I wanted an eyelid lift. I had consultations in Tucson, AZ (where I live) with several plastic surgeons but just was scarred to do it. I was visiting in California in 2010 and saw Dr. Smith for a consultation. Dr. Smith and the entire staff made me feel so welcome and relaxed, I was convinced that if I got up the nerve to do any eyelid lift this is where I would do it. During my consultation I asked Dr Smith about having under my eyes done and he explained that most people who have just either lids or under eyes done wish in the end they would have done both. So armed with this information I now had more to think about. I finally made the decision to do both and in April 2013 had the surgery. Since I had to come from Tucson, Dr. Smith and his staff worked around my schedule for the surgery and the follow-ups in the following weeks. The entire procedure was so flawless I wish I would have done it sooner! I love the way I look, in fact I think it took 10 years off. I am the oldest sister and my younger sister now says “She looks like the older sister!” I would highly recommend Dr. Smith because he is interested in you as a patient. I wanted some Botox done on my forehead on my final check visit and he said I really did not need it. I am convinced he will only do procedures he believes you need versus what he can make money on!


My life is forever changed thanks to Dr. Smith and his staff

My life is forever changed thanks to Dr. Smith and his staff. I have been a patient of Dr. Smith’s for over 9 years and counting. My first procedure was for a breast augmentation when I was 26 years old. From the moment I walked into Dr. Smith’s office 9 years ago, until now, they have made me feel like family. Dr. Smith and his staff have always been warm, friendly and comforting, from the receptionist, to the nurses, to the surgery center staff and of course Dr. Smith. He is phenomenal. As a matter of fact, I actually had put a deposit down with another surgeon when I happened to run across a friend who said, “You have to at least go see Dr. Smith for one other opinion.” I am so thankful I did. Right after my appointment with Dr. Smith I knew he was the right doctor for me and cancelled my other deposit. The results I received from Dr. Smith were so amazing that I have referred numerous family members and friends and will continue to do so. I would not trust anyone else to take care of my body the way Dr. Smith has. I have since returned to Dr. Smith 9 years later to get an update on my breast augmentation for a new type of implant and a lift due to age. I was equally pleased and of course everything went smooth without a hitch as expected. It’s hard to believe the professional standards and level of customer service and attention have and continue to be so wonderful even after all these years. I absolutely would and do recommend Dr. Smith and his staff to anyone and will remain a part of their patient family forever.


I love my new eyes and the best part is that it’s not obvious I had work done

I first met Dr. Smith in May of 2006 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a lot of life saving decisions to make in a very limited amount of time. I interviewed several plastic surgeons; it was important for me to feel safe and knowledgeable throughout this journey. I chose Dr. Smith because he provided all the different options available in terms I could understand, answered all my questions, and believe me I had a lot of questions! Most important is that he never pressured me into making a choice in regard to choosing him or choosing a certain procedure. With the help of Dr. Smith and his wonderful staff my journey was easier because I knew that I was cared about as an individual and my best interest was always in the forefront. Over the years I have come in for BOTOX®. In November 2012, I asked Dr. Smith for a facelift….he answered me with “I AM NOT DOING THAT TO YOU!” and then he said the most he would do was an eyelid lift and that I didn’t need anything else. It made me feel good to know he would not complete an unnecessary procedure. In January of 2013, I did my eyelid lift in his office. It was such an easy procedure and virtually painless. The office staff made sure I knew what supplements to take and when to start taking them to limit the bruising. I love my new eyes and the best part is that it’s not obvious I had work done. I refer my friends and family to Dr. Smith and even though I don’t know you, I can tell you this..Dr. Smith and his staff will take very good care of you and make you feel important and special every time you walk through the door.


Dr. Smith is the absolute best plastic surgeon around

Dr. Smith is the absolute best plastic surgeon around. Without any hesitation, I would recommend him to a friend, family member, or anyone looking to achieve a natural looking breast augmentation. Dr. Smith assured me during the initial consultation that when all was said and done, he would make sure I was happy with the result. That is exactly what happened. Every step of the way, from the office personnel, patient consultant, surgery nurses, and of course, Dr. Smith, I felt cared for and was treated with the utmost professionalism. My concerns were met with thorough and concrete explanations that put my mind at ease allowing me to sit back and enjoy the process of doing something that would ultimately be life changing. I knew Dr. Smith was the top of his class in medical school, but was very impressed by the way he guided me with gentleness and genuine concern for my well-being during the entire process. He discouraged me from overdoing the breast size reminding me that as an avid athlete and stay at home mom that a natural feminine look would be best. As a former collegiate runner and mom two times – my flat chest was not the look I wanted to have any longer. I’m so happy with my new shapely figure and am able to work out and feel very feminine at the same time. In addition, after having a third child and breastfeeding her for a year, Dr. Smith’s outstanding work still looks as good as new! That is an extra bonus… Thank you my awesome doctor. You’re amazing!!


Dr. Andrew Smith is an amazing surgeon who did an amazing surgery!

I was referred to Dr. Andrew Smith by my best friend. I was in desperate need of a consultation for a breast augmentation. So, I called to schedule an appointment and spoke to Jennifer who pretty much sold me over the phone! This office has such great staff! I have always been flat but never had a problem. My breasts were a nice plump “A” and I was ok with that until I breast fed 2 happy precious babies. My perky A’s weren’t so perky anymore; they turned into deflated bean bag sacks! I felt like I looked like a 12 year old boy. I was very self-conscious and felt like I couldn’t even wear certain shirts without looking even more like a boy. I didn’t feel attractive with my shirt off for my husband and just truly started hating what my breasts looked like. So with that said I went in to have my consultation and was greeted and treated like family right off the bat!

After trying a few different sizes and discussing all the different types, I chose the Natrelle® silicone-filled breast implant, 450cc behind the muscle. This turned my sad A’s to a BEAUTIFUL D!! I couldn’t be happier!!! Dr. Andrew Smith is an amazing surgeon who did an amazing surgery! I can’t even see the scar. I absolutely love my new breasts; they are soft and squishy and have dropped nicely into place after 3 months.


I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Smith and his staff

My experience with Dr. Andrew Smith and his office staff was wonderful! From the moment I walked into the office to my consultation, the front office staff was very warm and friendly.

Dr. Smith was very warm, caring and spent a lot of time with me during the consultation. I felt like he really listened to me and the results of my surgery were exactly as I had hoped for. I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Smith and his staff and would recommend him to anyone who is considering or needs cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.


Thank you!

Dear Dr. Smith,

I have waited until my surgery today to thank you for your expertise in doing my breast reconstruction as well as the additional “tweaking”. As you know, I drive 1½ hours each way to see you. Would I ever seek someone closer? Not a chance! Your staff has always gone out of their way to schedule my appointments knowing my drive is a long one. I appreciate their concern more than you know. I am, of course, most thankful to you for your incredible skill and expertise. Plus, I appreciate the fact that you try your best to come as close as possible to what I want as a patient. Never once did I feel pressured into a decision I was not comfortable with making. Thank you!

I am confident you have heard these words many times before but I really wanted you to know how personally grateful I am to you and your staff.

And yes, today is Valentine’s Day so…from my heart to yours a huge thank you!



Thank you for the wonderful care and making me feel great during my visit

Dr. Smith & Staff,

Thank you for the wonderful care and making me feel great during my visit. I wish you all a fantastic holiday season.

Best Wishes,


I love my new boobs!

Dear Dr. Smith & Fabulous Staff,

Thanks for my great pair of “things!” I love them and they look amazing! Thank you all for being so helpful. It made my experience much easier than I anticipated. Thanks to all the ladies in the front for being so patient with me and my multitude of appt. changes.

I love my new boobs! If God gives you lemons you can always make lemonade or you can trade them in for some melons instead. 🙂

Thanks again!


Dr. Smith – you are one talented guy!!

Dr. Dr. Smith and Staff-

What a fabulous Team! From the beginning I have felt well taken care of. All of you helped me to navigate through a difficult and often scary time in my life. I’ve had absolute confidence, with your help, that all would turn out well.

Dr. Smith – you are one talented guy!! What a beautiful result – couldn’t be happier.

I’ve never felt like a number in this office – always a friend.

Many heartfelt thanks to all of you.


I am so blessed to have such a wonderful caring doctor

Dr. Smith,

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful caring doctor. May the year ahead bring peace, good health, and much happiness.


You are the best of the best!

Thank you so much, Dr. Smith, for helping me get my life back!! I had so much damage from 3 surgeries from another doctor that I was hopeless and fearful the damage from these surgeries could never be fixed. My self-esteem was nearly gone.

But you did amazing work on me and improved things so much that for the first time in 3 years I can look at myself in the mirror without crying. I realize that some of the previous damage is permanent but you made it so much better.

The recovery from the surgery you did on me was so easy and quick! I again was afraid because of the previous hard and lengthy time it took to recover from the other surgeries (over 15 hours) and results were always worse, not better. But recovering from your surgery was so easy! Dr. Smith, you brought me back from being very scared and traumatized!! I can’t tell you how much you have helped me! Thank You! My big and greatest regret is that I didn’t find you 3 years ago. I feel that I would have avoided a lot of tears and stress had I found you first.

You, Kathy, and Jessica were so understanding and gentle with my fragile and traumatized self-esteem. Thank you for taking the time to listen when I needed to explain my fears from the previous bad experience with the other doctor’s surgery on me. You listened and never rushed me. You are the best of the best! With your help, I will once again feel confident.

You’re the best!!


I will be forever grateful to you

Dear Dr. Smith,

I just wanted to thank you for having done my surgery. God Bless you and your family. I will be forever grateful to you. You were like an angel that God sent into my life. Thank you again.



You are the *BEST * Plastic Surgeon I know!!!

Dear Dr. Smith,

Thank you again for helping me look younger again! I appreciate your time and thoughtfulness!! You are the *BEST * Plastic Surgeon I know!!! Thanks for taking care of all my family!!!


I would like to thank all of you for being there for me

Dear Dr. Smith, Kathy, and Girls,

I would like to thank all of you for being there for me and with me, all of you will be in my heart. I wish you many blessings



I’m glad that you are one of my doctors

Probably there are thousands of plastic surgeons around. But for me, there’s only one doctor who is intelligent, knowledgeable, skillful, caring, understanding, he cracks jokes sometimes and he looks wonderful in suits. And that is “you”. May God give you good health, so that you can help more women who need a doctor like you so that you can bring back their smiles on their face (like me). Just wanted to say thank you so much for everything and I’m glad that you are one of my doctors.

Your patient


I can never thank you enough

I can never thank you enough or show you how grateful I am. Thank you is not enough. You will never know how you gave me my life back.

Thank you so much!!


I would VERY much recommend Dr. Andrew Smith and his incredible team

I will take credit for losing 120 lbs. Dr. Andrew Smith changed my life.

I was a fat child that grew up to be a fat adult. At 13 I had DD breasts and a flabby stomach; the next 40 years of same eating habits and giving birth to two children is not a pretty picture of my body. 28 months ago I lost 120 lbs and I looked great on the outside but when the clothes came off the sagging breasts and stomach looked rather gross. For years of fighting with yeast infections and rashes because of my excess flab my doctor asked me if I wanted the extra skin to come off; I wasn’t sure I wanted to do something that radical but Dr. Brown encouraged me to go see Dr. Smith. My doctor had confidence in Dr. Smith to help me with my medical issues. I was scared but I felt the opportunity for this would be too hard to pass up. I had no expectations of what it would be like after surgery because I had NEVER had a beautiful body. All during my decision-making, I would call Kathy with many questions and she would answer and comfort me with all concerns.

After the surgery, I am sure there was a pain but what I remember about that and the following days was Dr. Smith and Kathy at my side telling me everything he would be doing and how great it would be when he was finished. The appointments started the next day and the phone call of how I was doing that made me feel as though I was not going through this alone. Dr. Smith, Kathy, and Jessica would share my joy of how my body was healing. I felt like they went through the journey with me, of changing from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly, and it would not have been done without this incredible team.

Dr. Smith did a procedure that was life changing for me and I am sure for anyone else going through the same scenario. Why do I feel so connected? I will tell you why…it takes a team. I apologize I don’t know everyone’s name, but when I had insurance questions they would be answered or would find out and they got back to me immediately. There’s no friend or family member that understand the transformation of my body and the joy I felt but Jessica shared that joy with me. When I would come into the office I could hardly contain myself to share my excitement and Jessica picked up on it and her face would light up with happiness for me as she walked me into an examining room. I would gush over my body changes and she would listen to me. I have called Jessica many times to ask ridiculous questions and she would answer them for me…when should I have new bras fitted? Answer…wait about 6 months until all the swelling is down. Simple questions but important to me.

I was not treated as a dollar sign but as a person. I would VERY much recommend Dr. Andrew Smith and his incredible team to anyone considering a procedure. Ask for my phone number and I will gladly speak to you about my experience.


You are both great surgeons

Dear Doctor Coccia,

I want to thank you for your excellent care with my mastectomy and my whole course of treatment. When I found out that I had breast cancer, it was so reassuring to know that you were the best surgeon and that you would take good care of me. You immediately knew that I needed a new plastic surgeon, and I have been very pleased with your referral to Dr. Smith. The new implant he used gives me better symmetry and is more like me. I am so thankful that you were able to remove all of the cancer, and I appreciate everything you did for me. I have such a high regard for you, Dr. Coccia, and also Dr. Smith. You are both great surgeons.

Warm regards.


cc Andrew Smith, M.D.
Eugene B. Levin, M.D.


Thank you for everything!

Dear Dr. Smith,

Thank you for everything!
Love and gratitude


Thank you for your kindness and patience

Dear Dr. Smith,

Thank you for your kindness and patience, But most of all your understanding.



You are the best!!!

Dr. Smith,

You are the best!!!

Thank you so much.


Thanks for giving me exactly what I wanted and asked for!

Dr. Smith,

Thanks for giving me exactly what I wanted and asked for!
I couldn’t be happier. You are not only a gifted Surgeon, but a great person.
From the greatest Tech in the whole world,


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the wonderful care I received from you

Dear Dr. Smith and Staff,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the wonderful care I received from you during the pre, peri and postoperative period of my surgery. I don’t know that I have ever had such a compassionate and skilled surgeon prior to this procedure.