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Designed for complete patient comfort and safety, Irvine ASC Surgery Center is a premier private surgery suite that is fully equipped with accredited, state-of-the-art, boutique facilities to meet your every surgical need.

Whether you are a first-time visitor or you are already a patient with us, that one thing that we can guarantee is that you will feel at ease the minute you step foot into our private surgery center. You will find our entire staff, including our specialized in-house OR team and Dr. Smith, place your needs and experience first, from the moment of your first consultation and right through your complete recovery. Every patient is unique and special to us – so whatever the procedure, your comfort, your satisfaction, and 100% complete recovery is a priority and a matter of pride for all of us.

We are a State-of-the-Art Private Surgery Center

Irvine Ambulatory Surgical Center (Irvine ASC) is accredited by The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities.

Irvine ASC is a state-of-the-art accredited surgical center located in Irvine California. We believe in tailored care, so you receive attentive and personalized attention. We specialize in plastic and cosmetic surgery. We provide expertise, experience, and unique care during your surgery.

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Specialized Plastic Surgery Operating Equipment

Our surgery center is dedicated to performing top quality safe surgeries that keep you in a familiar boutique-style setting while still providing world-class surgical care.

In fact, one of the reasons why we can honestly say our Private Surgery Center is the best Plastic Surgery Center in Irvine is because all our OR equipment is not only state-of-the-art but also customized for plastic surgery and a variety of cosmetic procedures. Most hospitals do not offer this facility.

Dr. Andrew Smith

Your Privacy and Comfort is Important

We understand that some patients might value their privacy and feel more comfortable in more discreet and quiet settings.

We understand that some patients might value their privacy and feel more comfortable in more discreet and quiet settings. This is why our Private Surgery Center in Irvine is perfect – not only do we offer our patients greater privacy, but we can also deliver a more customized approach to individual requirements, not be possible in a hospital setting.

To ensure a complete high-end experience for our patients, we have private facilities to get patients prepared for their surgery or procedure as well as to make their postoperative recovery as comfortable as possible. This helps in ensuring that patients are free of anxiety and that their surgical experience is as seamless as possible.

Easy and Convenient Scheduling

A major priority and area of focus at our Plastic Surgery Center in Irvine is ensuring that the plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure experience of our patients is smooth and comfortable. And one of the most effective ways of making sure this happens is by offering our patients quick, easy, and convenient scheduling.

At our Irvine ASC Surgery Center, we have complete control over our operative schedule and we are efficient in scheduling the surgical time of our patients in a way that reduces the pre-operative wait time. This is something that can be challenging in a hospital setting where surgeries often get delayed or even postponed.

We Offer a Safe Environment

The accredited operating suite at our Private Surgery Center in Irvine is fitted with all necessary life-saving medical equipment that is available in a hospital operating room to ensure the complete safety of all our patients.

Because patients that come in for plastic surgery procedures at our Irvine ASC Surgery Center are in overall good health – risk is much lower compared to an OR in any general hospital. This is one of the reasons why post-surgery complications at our private surgery center is extremely low, while the rate of recovery of our patients is much faster.

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Specialized Operating Team

We have a highly specialized team of dedicated nurses and surgical techs at our Private Surgery Center in Irvine. They work together with Dr. Smith to provide the highest quality of care.

Every member of the OR staff is committed to delivering the best surgical experience. They have all in fact been carefully screened and selected by Dr. Smith. We take into consideration your overall safety, satisfaction, and comfort all while receiving the gold standard in surgical care. Our primary focus is on your needs as a patient and addressing you as an individual throughout your journey.

ASC Surgery Center

Irvine ASC Surgery Center – Our Private OR in Irvine

We believe your decision to have your cosmetic surgery at our Plastic Surgery Center in Irvine is a journey that we can take together. You will have continuity of care and attention with a familiar staff that is fully committed to your comfort and understanding your needs.

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