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Breast Reduction
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This 36-year-old woman was always self-conscious about the size and shape of her breasts. She wore a 36DD bra, and the weight of her breasts caused her to have back and shoulder pain for most of her adult life. Tired of the constant discomfort, she decided to consult with Dr. Andrew Smith in Orange County about breast reduction surgery.

During the consultation, Dr. Smith listened as she explained the burden caused by her large breasts. She said she often avoided activities that involved running or lifting because they were too painful. She discussed the difficulties she faced in finding clothing that fit properly, and she expressed feelings of shame and embarrassment about her appearance. After hearing her concerns, Dr. Smith recommended a breast reduction with a lift.

During the surgery, Dr. Smith used a “lollipop” incision to remove extra skin, fat and breast tissue. This incision circled around the nipple and continued vertically to the breast crease. It allowed him to reposition the nipple while reshaping the breast. Dissolvable sutures were used to close the incisions, and light dressings were placed over the incisions lines.

Recovery went smoothly and took 2 to 3 weeks. Today, the patient feels much more comfortable with her body and is able to engage in activities she once avoided. She is grateful to Dr. Smith for the results.

Patient Age: 36
Patient Gender: Female

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