September 2010

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Liposuction Alternatives – Real Results?

By Dr. Andrew Smith

Liposuction Model ImageWith so many different alternatives to liposuction on the market, including procedures such as Smartlipo™, the VASER® Lipo System, and Slimlipo™, it is no wonder patients have a difficult time deciding which to choose. It’s important to distinguish fact from fiction, and in my experience, the most effective method of fat removal is still with traditional liposuction. Other alternatives to the traditional approach make hefty claims about shortening downtime and minimizing scarring, but you should keep in mind that these attributes are coupled with higher prices and less dramatic results.

Cosmetic surgery is a big decision, and safety should be a patient’s top concern. I have found that traditional tumescent liposuction is a very safe procedure and also delivers very satisfying results. This procedure has been performed for several decades – a track record none of the newer techniques can match.

If you’re thinking about a body contouring procedure, take just a moment to learn about liposuction alternatives and how they compare to traditional liposuction. I think you’ll agree with me that there’s a lot of advertising and buzz around these new techniques, but the results don’t quite live up to the hype.

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