Breast Reconstruction Photos - Case #1693

Patient Case #1693

Before her bilateral mastectomy, this 44-year-old patient decided to meet with a plastic surgeon to find out more about her options to re-create her breasts’ volume and contours. She did not have an ample amount of breast tissue to begin with, so she wondered if breast implants alone could help her achieve her goals.

In her Irvine breast surgery consultation Dr. Smith listened to her questions and concerns, and recommended an implant-and-expander approach for her bilateral breast reconstruction. They decided on silicone-gel implants to create the symmetric breast contours she wanted, and planned for nipple and areola reconstruction to complete the look of her new breasts.

In her procedure, after her mastectomy, Dr. Smith inserted tissue expanders to prepare a space for her implants to rest. Following her surgery, the patient had her tissue expanders slowly filled with a saline solution over the course of several visits to Dr. Smith’s office. This process expanded her remaining breast tissue so that Dr. Smith could replace her expanders with silicone gel implants in a subsequent procedure. After her recovery, this patient has begun her nipple and areola reconstruction.

As seen in her post-operative photos, this woman’s breast reconstruction in California flatters her body very well. Her breasts’ symmetrical, even appearance gives her a natural look, and while her areolar tattooing is not yet completed, she is already very pleased with her reconstruction and looks forward to seeing the full results of her new look.

Patient Age: 44
Patient Gender: Female

Breast Reconstruction
Breast Reconstruction