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3 Components of a Mommy Makeover

The popularity of Mommy Makeover surgery continues to rise here in Orange County, but many people still have questions about this customizable combination procedure. To clear things up, here are the 3 most common components of a Mommy Makeover and what makes each so popular: Tummy tuck: Many people think of a tummy tuck as […]

The Right Surgeon to Upgrade Your Breast Implants

Right now around the country, plastic surgeons are seeing a surge in breast augmentation revision procedures as women get their older breast implants replaced. Many of my Orange County patients are simply interested in changing their size or in exchanging older saline implants with newer silicone gel versions that look and feel highly natural. It’s […]

Vectra® 3-D Imaging

Trying to visualize how you'll look after plastic surgery can be challenging. You can check out a surgeon's before-and-after photos, talk with friends who've had similar procedures, and even leaf through magazines filled with pictures of surgically enhanced stars. But when it comes to getting the reassurance you need about a potentially life-changing decision, there's no better option than VECTRA 3-D cosmetic plastic surgery imaging in Orange County.

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